On the night of May 14, 2024, the Kansas City Royals will go head-to-head with the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park, with the first pitch scheduled for 9:40 PM under overcast skies. Michael Wacha will start for the Royals, entering the game with a 5.153 ERA, while Logan Gilbert, boasting a more formidable 2.942 ERA, will take the mound for the Mariners. As of now, the Royals sit 5th in the AL Central with a record of 25-18, showing a solid track record both at home and on the road. They’ve accumulated 196 runs but have a slight deficit in their recent performance with a loss in their last outing. Conversely, the Mariners rank 6th in the AL West at 23-19, but hold an impressive home game advantage of 14-9. With 162 runs scored versus 152 allowed, their performance this season offers a strong home-field advantage. When considering the betting odds for this matchup, the point spread is set at -1.5 in favor of the Mariners, with an over/under of 7.5. The money line odds see the Mariners as -157 favorites to win at home, while the Royals stand at +131, suggesting a closer competition than one might expect from the standings alone. These odds provide a valuable glimpse for bettors aiming to gauge the potential outcomes based on current performances and historical data.