On the evening of June 14, 2024, the Rogers Centre will be the stage for an exciting MLB showdown between the Cleveland Guardians and the Toronto Blue Jays, starting at 07:07 pm. Expectations are for clear skies throughout the game.

Logan Allen will be the starting pitcher for the Guardians, carrying a 5.567 ERA into the game. His counterpart from the Blue Jays, Kevin Gau
sman, will enter the mound with a 4.005 ERA.

Currently, in the 2024 AL Central Division, the Guardians are ranked third with a 43-22 record, boasting a .660 winning percentage. They lead the division with an impressive intra-division record of 11-6. Their recent performance indicates strong form, having won 6 of their last 10 games and are riding a three-game winning streak. The Guardians have shown strength both at home, with a 21-8 record, and away, holding a 22-14 record. They also have 18 daytime wins versus 25 nighttime victories, having scored 330 runs and conceded 238.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Blue Jays find themselves in the seventh spot in the AL East Division with a nearly even 33-34 record, reflecting a .490 winning percentage. Their division record stands at 9-10, placing them third. Like the Guardians, the Blue Jays have won 6 of their last 10 games and are currently on a one-game winning streak. They are moderately balanced in home and away games, with records of 16-15 and 17-19, respectively. The Blue Jays have claimed 17 daytime and 16 nighttime victories, scoring a total of 261 runs while allowing 295.